Would you like to become a monthly partner with us on a more personal level? We provide a home and food for a few adult ladies who have no one to care for them. Below are the women that are needing someone to sponsor them. This involves a small monthly commitment of $50. This money is used to feed the ladies and provide any medical care they may need. You will be kept up to date as to how they are doing.

We also send children to school in the greater Ranquitte area. Many of the adults of this community are illiterate. We want to change this for the next generation. This year we were able to send 54 children to school. If you would like to help us with children's school expenses this can be done on a monthly or yearly donation. This involves a yearly commitment of $140-$240, depending on the grade and school the child attends. This includes all expenses, including: tuition, books, school uniform and shoes, backpack and supplies like notebooks, pencils and pens. You will be given a picture of your child and be kept up to date with their progress.

Renac and Remina Jean would love to become foster parents to children who have lost their parents. We are in the process of raising money to build an addition onto their house so they can take in 4-5 children. If you have a burden in your heart to help a child who has lost both parents become part of a family, please let us know. The cost of this is just $50 per month to give them a stable home with food to eat and adults to love and direct them.

Just contact us for more information on becoming a sponsor!