"For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, 'You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy, and to the poor, in your land.'" Galatians 2:10

We are working on several projects in the village of Bas Pinal, Haiti. These require much help from sponsors that have a desire to partner with us to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. But what a privilege it is to cooperate with the Lord and be used by Him to care for His loved ones.

If you are interested in partnering with us to finish these projects please contact us and let us know which project you are interested in helping with. We have several projects that we are hoping to do or currently doing that still needing funding

There is a great need for school sponsorship in the villages of Bas Pinal and Pacassa. Although there are schools to attend, many families have no means of sending their children to school. The cost to send a child to school is only $150 per year and this includes tuition, books, uniform, and shoes. If you would like to send a child to school and help end illiteracy for the next generation of children in Haiti, please contact us. You will be given a picture and information for the child you helped send to school.

There are many young people who would love to have the opportunity to continue their education either at a university or a trade school. After finishing high school most people do not have the opportunity for further education. This effects the entire area and suppresses the economic development. If we can help more young people further their education, then have them return to the Ranquitte area and put what they have learned to work for the community, we can help develop the economy of an entire town. We know several young people who want to study technology information, medicine, etc... and they are willing to come back to their community in the mountains when they are finished and practice what they have learned and open businesses. If you are willing to help a young person take a trade class (this can be as low as $25) or attend university ($500-$1500 per year) or help them with living expenses while they have to live away from home ($150 per month), please contact us!

(pictured above: Frantz, a computer science major in Cap Haitien)

Foster Care- We have a Haitian family that has volunteered to foster several children that are in desperate situations. Most of these children either have no parents or the parents are unable to provide even their basic necessities. Currently we have 3 children sponsored, but the family can take in an additional 2 children if we can find them monthly sponsors to cover their day-to-day needs ($50 per month commitment) or school sponsors to cover their yearly school needs ($175 per year).

Completed Projects

Adult Literacy Program-

THANK YOU to those who helped us sponsor our Adult Literacy Class with books, notebooks, pens, etc...
We currently have 20 adults from the village of Savane Coq enrolled in our literacy class that meets 3 times per week.

Drip Irrigation-

20 families in Bas Pinal now, in their yard, have a raised garden bed with a drip irrigation system installed.

Plowing Fields-

18 families of Bas Pinal now have their fields plowed and have planted the seed that Ragged Edge Ministries provided them after a one day training. *UPDATE- They have not had enough rain this year and many families corn and bean crops are drying up. They will have a very poor harvest this year and they are having a hard time feeding their families. This is why we have started the breakfast feeding program.

Copy Business-

We have purchased a large commercial grade copier and are making copies for the schools and people of Ranquitte, Haiti. Our business is located at the school of Renac Jean. Our employees are Richard and Rosales. We are working with them training them to keep good business records and we hope to grow our business to include selling office and school supplies. Eventually we may even be able to use the profit to start giving microloans to those who would like to start businesses of their own. UPDATE- Our copy machine is currently broken and we are in need of $600 to get it up and running again.

Vetiver Latrines-

18 families now have a latrine (a pit with a concrete slab and cover covering it). Previously these families had no outhouse or place to go to the bathroom. This is helping with sanitation and increasing their dignity.